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The Third Annual Russian Internet Week, RIW 2010 will be held on October 21 to 23, 2010at Krasnaya Presnya ExpoCenter (Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment 14, Pavilion 3)

RIW 2010 is:

  • A multi-flow three day conference (consisting of two parts - General Programme and Professional Programme, with over 100 conference events in total),
  • A large-scale INTERNET 2010 Exhibition,
  • Numerous extracurricular activities, presentations and promo actions.

RIW 2010 integrates a number of directions and formats, of interest to both dedicated Internet experts and wide groups of end Internet users.

Russian business leaders, experts in information communications and Internet technologies, employees of Russian and foreign IT companies, statesmen, representatives of sector-related governmental ministries and departments, Internet users, and mass media are invited to take part in RIW 2010.

RIW 2010 will be the first Russian Internet Week to have the status of an international event, with representatives of many foreign IT companies taking part in the conference and exhibition.

By the RIW 2010 Steering Committee's estimations, over 15,000 participants are expected to join this year's Russian Internet Week.

The General Programme of the Conference and the Internet 2010 Exhibition are open for participation and visiting free of charge. An admission fee is charged for participation in the Professional Programme of the Conference.

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Генеральный информ.партнёр (интернет-издание): Генеральный информ.партнёр (радиостанция): Генеральный информ.партнёр (видеопортал):
BFM Бизнес ФМ RuTube

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Ашманов и партнёры Begun OZON GRAPE
Head Hunter Mail.RU iab Europe Communica
Яндекс.Деньги Promo Interactive Одноклассники РАСО

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